KIEL-PAK was established in 1992 in Kielce. At first, it specialised in manufacturing paper packaging for small catering.
The growing market needs resulted in gradual expansion of the company’s capabilities and introducing new products, as well as services. Later on, the company’s plant was moved to Nowiny near Kielce, where a modern office building was erected, along with a production and storage facility.

KIEL-PAK constantly expands its manufacturing capabilities by carrying out new investments, including purchasing machines allowing for producing:
– WICKET-type bags, adapted for packing bread on the production line,
– bags with wide plastic panoramic windows,
– heat-sealed bags for packing grilled chicken and used as sick bags

Additionally, the company also offers:
– flexographic printer, offering up to 8 colours
– sheet cutter for producing sheets with positioned print.
All packaging manufactured by KIEL-PAK is made of certified materials.
One of our main priorities is to ensure proper care for the environment. We ensure this goal by operating our own wastewater treatment plan, as well as diligent waste sorting.

We are FSC® certified.

Our packaging can be found in the largest supermarket chains in Poland, as well as abroad.

We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Flexography.

We are a laureate of the “Gazela Biznesu” award.

Our guiding principle is to provide reliable, competent and professional commercial services to our clients.

Concerns FSC® certified products.


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